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Our Experience is Your Success, With over 25 years experience in Motorsport, Design, Testing, Development & Fabrication.

We supply Engineering and Design solutions for Motorsport and Aftermarket sectors.

PE Racing uses the latest in 2D & 3D CAD CAM software and technologies, which are ideal for manufacturing via CNC Machining and 3D Printing.

PE Racing supplies products and services for the Motorsport and Automotive sectors.


PE Daryl Photo BW 2Consulting & Advice

  • Get the Right advice early
  • Understanding the problem is critical
  • Making new ideas happen
  • Design & Manufacturing Advice
  • You come to us, or we'll come to You



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2D Drafting & 3D Modeling, Including Mechanical Design & Assemblies.

  • Designs can be easily visualised
  • Design changes are easily made to suit 
  • Function of a design can be checked
  • Ideal for Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
  • Allows for rapid response times



Flow Analysis (CFD), Fluid & Thermo Dynamic solutions.

  • Foresee performance early
  • Forecast the most effective changes
  • Performance data becomes available
  • Suitable for complex flow systems
  • Cost effective
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PEDAL BOX FEA 5 2 10 2014

Stress Analysis (FEA) & Reports, Including Dynamic Simulation.

  • Assess performance of a design
  • Identify & resolve design faults early
  • Optimise the design before manufacture
  • Ideal for complex components or systems
  • Design to market quickly
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Fabrication & Machining Services, Including prototyping & Testing.

  • Quality control
  • External 3rd party communication is avoided
  • Custom components or prototypes are a specialty
  • Your design or ours, on time
  • With experience & passion


Brake System Dynamic Analysis & Component Selection

  • We offer a design analysis service which identifies critical relationships, selection & settings of Brake components to suit your car & application
  • Download this spreadsheet, complete & return by email.
  • PE's Brake System Design Analysis Form



  • Performance upgrades
  • Chassis design & Fabrication
  • Safety Cage Design (CAMS, FIA)
  • Intake & Exhaust sytems
  • Seat Mounts
  • Brake upgrades
  • Circuit, Rally, Drifting preparation & setup
  • Improving Suspension Geometry
  • Suspension Components
  • 3D Animations and Presentations (aftermarket components or kits)
  • Installation & Assembly Instructions (aftermarket components or kits)
  • CAD File format conversions from old drawings
  • Restoration of Historic Vehicles
  • Solving Fluid Dynamic problems
  • Solving Thermo Dynamic problems
  • Engineering Aerodynamic problems
  • Mechanical Component Design
  • Engine Component Design
  • Product Development (aftermarket components or kits)
  • Forensic FEA (or Failure Analysis)
  • Fit for purpose FEA Certification (aftermarket components or kits)
  • Product Development (FEA & CFD)
  • FEA of Composites & Custom Materials
  • Manufacturing & Shop drawings
  • Prototyping
  • Testing & Development

Successful Designs and Effective Solutions rely on a depth Knowledge, Skills and Experience.

The speed at which Designs can go from Conceptual Design to a Finished Product are indeed handy for a quick reaction to the demands of Motorsport and Aftermarket Product Manufacturers.

Preventable failures and weaknesses may be identified and rectified at the design stage prior to recieving the embarrassing call.

​​Projects typically have specific goals, such as component Reliability, Endurance, Temperature Resistance, Chemical Resistance,  Efficiency, Strength, Weight, Deflection, Material or Time.

2D and 3D CAD models and drawings may be utilized for enhancements in a virtual environment. In a virtual environment, a model or assembly may be modified and developed by undergoing virtual testing (FEA & CFD) and reporting of specific outcomes.

3D scanning & 3D printing can also be adopted to aid the design & development phase of any project. Feel free to contact us for assistance on your project.

This technology is widely used by Motorsport, Aerospace and Manufacturing industries for developing and enhancing their product range and responding to competition effectively & quickly.

To stay up to date with competitors, constant evolution, development and testing is required. In Motorsport, once development stops, you slip toward the rear of the grid. Or worse still, failures prevent good and consistent results.

Drivers, Workshops, Manufacturers and Teams can all benefit from this expertise via an affordable alternative means of achieving their desired goals and technical achievements, while reducing the necessary personnel and capital investment typically required. Typically CAD/CAM systems reduce the expensive "Trial and Error approach".

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